"“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

-Reid Hoffman  


I work with you 

to create

a life-business that


And help you become one of the stand-out role models in the new heart-based economy (while living a soul-satisfying life).

I'm of the belief that at some point every person who is ready to really step out in the world in a bigger way needs her very own, co-creator. Someone who is a partner, a personal coach, a strategist, and jack-of-all-trades. Because sooner or later it all becomes a bit too overwhelming. And it's simply not possible to do all that needs to be done (or even think of it) all on your own. 

At that point, you typically have 2 choices.

You can ...

1) Hire a coach (she'll give you lots of advice - this often translates to MORE things on your to-do list).

or you can...

2) Hire an assistant (she'll be waiting for you to give her tasks to do and directions to follow - once again MORE things on your to do list).

OR ...You can decide to work in a new way....a new paradigm for those of us who believe there is a better way to make shift happen. In collaboration. Side by side. That's what I believe ... and why I call myself a Co-Creator.

I don't just sit here on my couch and dispel amazing strategy and advice (...well ok, maybe I do a little of that) but my next move is NOT simply to say 'good luck with that' and move on. I actually role up my sleeves and help you get-it-done.

I love startups and have a boat-load of experience both creating and scaling them. If you love creating but don't necessarily have all the the start-up experience (or bandwidth) required to get rolling the way you'd love to do, we just might be a perfect match.

3 Great Ways to Work with Me

I only work with a few select clients at a time because I am deeply committed to those I work with and there are only so many hours in the day. Living in harmony to me, means only taking on projects that I believe in, have time for and can jump all-in, heart, mind and soul. 

WAY #1: Done-with-You


Clarify your Soul-Satisfying Vision & Next Steps so you can begin.

Some people know they were born to do something meaningful but don't yet have a clear vision of what that looks like. It  can be frustrating to know you have a lot to offer but not know how. Truth is everyone has something magnificent to contribute. And I'm great at helping you get to the bottom of what that is for you.

If you're been trying to figure that for yourself and find it challenging - it's because you're not meant to figure it out alone. To learn about how this Clarify Your Vision (VIP day -you'll be amazed at what we can do in one day) program can help you get clear on your big vision and next right steps click on the APPLY HERE button below.

WAY #2: Done-with-You


Get Your Project Done and feel your

life get lighter.

Anyone who has been a solopreneur for any length of time knows that there are always more ideas than there is time to do them. And even if your projects are not business based, most of us have an idea or two brewing on the back burner. The problem is - there is only one of you. So instead of your projects getting done and out in the world - they simply take up residence in your head.

If you've got a backlog of projects that are keeping you from being your brilliant self in the world, let's talk. This Done-WITH-You Project work is a short-term commitment with a huge potential upside. Because once that next project is done (e.g. website updated, speech written, retreat planned etc.)- usually a whole new world of possibilities opens up. To find out more, click on the APPLY HERE button below.

WAY #3: Done-with-You


Working with you Side-by-Side so you can focus on the vision.

If you've got a big long-term vision and ever fantasized about having your own 'right-hand-person' on board to brainstorm, divide and conquer, and move twice as fast as you can alone - then consider this Part-time Partner program. Imagine the feeling you'll have after you get together to brainstorm the vision, decide as a team week-by-week what has to be done ... and then ... let go ... knowing in one way or another it's all going to happen. It's like having the project move along while you sleep.

This is a powerful high-end retainer program and that means I can only work with a few select clients at a time. If you'd like to find out more ... or be added to the waitlist click on the APPLY HERE button below

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