Who Is Debbie?

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra

I keep scanning my mind for that one life-changing event that shifted everything for me. But the truth is my journey from asleep to awake has been a long steady eye-opening experience. And even though I've got an abundance of practical business experience, that I use to do my work in the world every day, I believe it's this inner journey to my heart that makes my work so valuable.

My practical experience includes an Ivy League education and over 25+ years in the start-up world. I co-founded my first company at 26 years old and helped grow it from 3 of us to 65 people in just over six years. I did anything and everything to  grow that business, marketing, technology, HR, PR, business strategy etc. Next I co-founded a brick-and-mortar bookstore, again doing anything and everything to help it get off the ground and thrive for over 12 years. And, I've spent the past 5-10 years doing a huge variety of work in the Women's Empowerment arena, everything from Leading, Coaching, Speaking, Writing, Marketing and more.

What drives me now is a longing to shift the power structure (from head to heart). I would love to see the Introverted leaders, visionaries and creatives become the new role models and help raise the bar on what it means to be equal. Not by becoming something we're not (louder, more masculine, more extroverted), but by being living examples of how to be successful by being ourselves. Because I believe that's how we're going to change things - when we all start accepting and celebrating the unique gifts we each bring to the planet. And in my humble opinion, there's almost no better way to get there than by creating something that feeds your spirit. 

And besides that, I do what I do because I like to hang out with super motivated, creative people who are bringing interesting new ideas to the world!

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